Coupon Marketing

Coupon marketing can be a great way of turning a quiet day into a busy one.

Imagine owning a bakery in a town with several sandwich bars and bakeries. You send out a coupon to your customer database around 11.30 and you have an offer of a free coffee with any sandwich or wrap. People are thinking about their lunch at that time and everyone loves a bargain. it is almost a must to redeem a coupon, often people buy just because of the coupon even though they had not planned to get that item this week. So the coupon goes out by SMS text messaging service and people in their offices are now showing the coupon around to all their office colleagues. Everyone is discussing lunch and those without the coupon are asking their colleagues to get them something as they are going there anyway. Others will go with them and ask how they can have coupons too. Guess which sandwich bar / bakery will have a queue? The one that actively markets their business. When you see a queue outside a shop it gains attention, people think it must be good as there is a queue. Coupons will also gain customer loyalty too. Ask for your free SMS trial today.

  • Facebook Coupon marketing – can seriously increase your likes and engagement with your customers.
  • Mobile coupons – Fastest open rates as people have their mobile with them almost at all times.
  • Email coupons – Draws peoples attentions to your products or services
  • Website coupons – Gets people to trial your services and gets them to make contact with you.

SMS Marketing And How It Works

First you need to collect your customers mobile phone numbers. This can be done by a QR code that they scan at your store. Alternatively you can get them to text a word to your SMS system which will automatically place them on your list. You then send them out a notification to let them know they are in line for a few money off deals or freebies.

Next you need to set up a campaign by choosing your special offers and the dates you want to send them out. If you have a really slow day of the week then this would be an ideal day to choose. Pick the time of day you want the message to go out, for example a restaurant might want to send this out at 4pm to encourage diners to eat at 6pm so they can get another table in before the mad rush. More covers more revenue.

Get your coupons designed (or we can do that for you) set up the offers and then schedule them to go out to customers.

Finally monitor how many people redeemed your coupons. Ker-ching!


Text message marketing (SMS)

There are so many other things you can do with SMS marketing

  • Online bookings / reservations
  • 2 way Appointment booking
  • Text to screen
  • Text to win
  • Questionnaire
  • Conduct a Poll
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile coupons
  • Email integration
  • Auto responders
  • Vehicle listing
  • Property listing
  • Birthday wishes
  • Loyalty Program
  • Kiosk builder – m-commerce shopping cart
  • QR codes
  • Social media connections