Creating your first website

Most people create their site the wrong way around
The truth is it will cost you more money in the long run

Business owners tend to get their website created first by a web designer then think about marketing second. This is most definitely the wrong way around and it is costing you money.

Let me give you an example of what happened when a local business owner contacted me recently. They had a fantastic website designed by a very good designer, graphics were nice everything looked great except none of it complied with the latest Google changes. There was no room for any of the marketing tools to be added to the site without a complete redesign to get everything in the right place. Bottom line the whole site had to be redesigned as none of the tools would fit as there was no space left. Having the site redesigned meant almost starting again. There are many things you have to take into consideration.

Does your site comply with Google’s rules;
Does your site comply with content rules;
How long a visitor stays on your site;
Page loading times;
Architecture of the site;
Search Engine friendly URLs;
How you intend to gain customer loyalty.

…the list is endless but you get my point.
Don’t build a brochure site build a marketing machine.

You need to earn money from your site right? It is not there just to look pretty. Did you know basic looking sites can outsell some really high tech flashy sites. If you are looking to make more sales, get more exposure online and engage with your customers then create a marketing website. First go to your marketing person and either get them to build your website or get them to talk to your designers, at the very least you should give them a mock up of the design and discuss any changes that may be necessary to accommodate the marketing aspects. This will save you a fortune.
Get educated so that you are in control of your biggest marketing tool

Remember the internet opens your business up to the entire world, so why would you make such a big mistake as not organising it to become a marketing tool that will work for you 24/7.
This is where you should get started

Join our weekly webinar called “7 mistakes to avoid when designing your website”. Grab yourself a pen and paper and make notes. This will be a great place to start as you will have the opportunity to ask those burning questions. If you are in a hurry and can’t wait until the next webinar, then book a free 20 minute consultation to get your burning questions answered. If you find that you get enough good content then you can advance to a strategy session to work out what you should do first. Work out a step by step plan and go away with 3 objectives for things you need to do first.

See what others have said about our strategy sessions in the past.

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