SMS Marketing

The advantages of SMS marketing over other marketing tools are:

  • Speed – SMS messages are extremely fast and directly to the recipients pocket, no need to wait for someone to log in to their computer or worry about an over zealous spam filter;
  • Universal – SMS are a well defined format, and you can be sure it will be displayed as desired no matter what handset, tablet or operating system is running it will always look the same;
  • On trend – Demonstrate your business is keeping up-to-date with new technologies, it shows professionalism and dynamism;
  • Popularity – A large portion of the population have left email in favour of SMS messages and social networks, don’t rule them out;
  • Reminders – SMS messages are a great way to send reminders to your customers about their appointment to avoid last minute cancellations. It can also be used to create business by recommending current deals,offers, renewal reminders or the anniversary of an annual service.
  • Open Rates – Compared with emails your SMS message is more likely to get opened and therefore your message is highly likely to get read unlike emails.