Social Media Marketing


There are several methods of social media and not every one is right for your business. First you need to identify your ideal customer and then think about where they may hang out.

Linkedin: is more for business to business so if your services or products are being sold to other businesses then linked in may be the right platform for you.

Twitter is great if you need to give regular updates on things going on in your business and is a great lead generation tool. It is the best for creating leads.

Facebook: is a very social platform and tends to be one of the must have platforms for each business. There is so much you can do with Facebook, you can create Apps to more or less make your Facebook an entire website. You can also create Apps to deliver coupons and webinars. These two strategies can add a huge amount to your bottom line.

Pinterest: If you have a very visual product, oil paintings, photography art, clothing etc this could be the perfect strategy for you.

Google Plus: This is probably the one that you should be joining as it is the most under utilised platform and has so much to offer. Google has several things to offer. One of the latest things is a Google Hangout. This can be used to hold online conferences, training,or just a meeting place.

There are several more but I think these are probably the main ones you should consider.


Running a business is time consuming. Having to learn all the different platforms and then spend time engaging with potential customers can take up a lot of time. Hiring part time staff is not always the answer either as the staff would need to learn how to use several platforms and learn how to create Apps. One way is to hire a professional marketer who is familiar with the different platforms and knows which ones are right for you.

Local Business Solutions research appropriate viral content and industry specific information to increase engagement. Once we get the engagement levels up, we can start posting coupons, special offers,or even help you run an online webinar.