Tracking Results

The people that make the most money online are the people that know their stats. Here are their secrets:

  • They use landing pages to enable split testing to see which page gets the most sign ups;
  • Emails are split tested to see which performs best;
  • Their advertising uses tracking numbers so they can see which advert works best;
  • Capture forms are split tested;
  • Open rates on emails are tracked;
  • Conversions are tracked;
  • Visitors are tracked with analytic software.
  • Social media insights monitored, click activity, demographics, organic reach, viral reach, page reach, page views, tab views, external referrers and more.

Understanding the exact numbers of conversions and click throughs will enable you to identify weaknesses and also monitor the performance over time. We can help you make sense of the numbers and provide guidance on what works for you or your business with the figures to prove it!

Ensure your effort, time and money is directed proportionally to your online marketing to enable to most efficient and cost effective marketing.