Tracking visitors to your website

Do you know if there are an errors on your site that prevent you from being


How do you know if there are any issues on your site?

Tracking your business results are crucial to knowing you how many visitors you are getting to your website and whether the visitors are staying on the site for a reasonable amount of time. Knowing how your visitors end up on your website will enable you concentrate your efforts on what works and not waste your time on what does not work.

Our tracking system will not only check your traffic
  • Total Traffic to site
  • Direct Traffic
  • Keyword Densities
  • Referral Traffic
  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Bounce Rates
  • Crawl Issues
  • Sitemaps
  • Webmaster Messages
  • Average Rank Comparison
  • Advanced Ranking
  • Google Rankings + Impressions and Clicks
  • Bing Rankings + Impressions and Clicks
We will also tell you if there are any issues with your site
  • Check site for Mobile responsiveness
  • Malware Safety Inspection
  • Check for Broken Links
  • Give you a Site Audit Report
  • Spider View check for issues
  • Keyword Density report on your site to make sure you are optimised correctly
  • Analise your Google Maps Rank
  • Check your Local Listings
  • Give you a Site Grader Report
  • Website Momentum Analysis Report
  • Social Buzz Analysis
  • Give you a Youtube StatisticsReport
  • Check for DNS issues
The Pro Website Audit Report covers the following:
  • Marketing Research and Analysis
  • Keyword Structuring
  • Keyword Structuring
  • Competition Analysis
  • Site Performance Check
  • Content Crawlability Check
  • URL Structuring
  • Broken Links Check
  • Robots.txt Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Duplicate Website Check
  • Content Instructions
  • Content Instructions


All this for around .50 pence per day
Plus you will get a free professional SEO consulting session worth £300.00.
Every person that takes up this service will enter our free prize draw and one person this month will win a Professional Website Audit report worth Win a Free Professional Website Audit Report worth.

Our analysts do what software cannot do which is to identify what needs to be fixed, how to fix it, and how much it would cost. We also provide you with website restructuring guidelines for the pages/navigation, and will analyze the backlinks to determine if they need to be disavowed or removed, or if the website needs to be rebuilt on a new domain name.