Reputation is everything…

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Benjamin Franklin

Your reputation online may not be an accurate representation of your business. Often people will only have something to say if they are unsatisfied while all of your happy customers are content in silence.

It is possible your online image may be tainted without your knowledge. There could be information online about you which is sending the wrong signals about you or your business. Online reviews and comments give a first impression as much as a website, which potential customers and competitors will form their opinions. Local Business Solutions can help you turn your online reputation around.

If you increase your online reputation score by just 5% this could increase your business by 19%.

We enhance your reputation by exploiting what your customers are prepared to say about you which results in increased visitors to your website and more sales. Reputation Management is an ideal way to improve your business reputation without the hard sell and expensive conventional advertising.

If you want to build on your reputation call Local Business Solutions today. We don’t just monitor your reputation we use it to market your good reputation gaining your prospective customers confidence.

Start today by taking up our free 30 day trial on reputation monitoring. Use our contact form to request more details.